Unsecured Loans With Bad Credit: There Are Two Options Available

When you are in a financial bind, the opportunity to take an unsecured loan is a welcome reprieve. However, many people who have bad credit feel as if this option just is not possible for them. They know that credit score plays a huge role in the decisions of lenders and fear having a conversation where their poor score will take center stage. They yearn for the opportunity to get an unsecured loan with no credit check.

The truth is, though that in a rough economic state such as we have today many lenders have loosened their regulations on loans with bad credit. There are many lenders who are willing to work through the options with you and even some who offer the opportunity to get a loan with no credit check. The basic process of getting these loans is simple.

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Remember: Not All Bad Credit Is the Same

Before looking for an unsecured loan with bad credit, it is important to rip off the bandage and check your credit yourself. This accomplishes two important goals. First, you know just how "bad" your credit really is and second you are able to check to make sure that the hits to your credit score were not a result of identity theft.

When you check your credit, it is important to ask for the whole credit report, not just the three-digit credit score. The report will detail what elements led to your bad credit score. Sometimes, looking at these incidents will help you to reform your credit and improve it over the long term. Other times, you will find that what the report says is not the case. Then, you can dispute the report and possibly raise your score.

Even if all of your fears come true and your credit score is, in fact, very low, there are still lenders who can work with you. Many offer credit counseling services that can help you get on track. Still others will provide you with the choice of getting a loan with no credit check.

Understanding Loan Options

If checking your credit leads you to discover that your score is still low, you have several options available. You can apply for unsecured loans with no credit check for a short term solution or regular unsecured loans for long term help.

Unsecured loans with no credit check are also known as payday loans. In general, these loans are only for small amounts ($100-$1,500) and short periods (14 to 90 days). Taking this type of loan is perfect if you only need money for a short time and know you will have the funds to pay it back soon.

The other alternative is a traditional unsecured loan. These loans will require a credit check. Many times people will very low credit scores cannot qualify for long term loans. However, there are lenders who will extend unsecured loans to people lower credit scores and a track record of improvement.

Getting the Right Loan

For most people, getting the right loan will depend entirely upon circumstance. There are options for both traditional unsecured loans and unsecured loans with no credit check. Those with bad credit should talk to a lending professional to find out which options is best suited to their needs.

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