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How would you find a loan that gets you off from the hooks of money needs and that it does also without charging any collateral for the loan amount? Believe it or not, there is at least one loan which does not account even your credit record and it is bad credit unsecured loan.

Today, with convergence of the world into a humanistic globe has not left the loan industry and the lenders shifted their stress to the borrower himself from the credit record of the borrower. So, bad credit unsecured loan has come up as a result.

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Bad credit unsecured loan is especially designed to fulfill the money needs of those people who do not have a well off credit record to show or who do not have any collateral to pledge before the lender to take the loan. So, the risk factor in bad credit unsecured loan always remains with the lenders. By using the bad credit unsecured loan, the borrowers can also improve their credit record. Once the borrower starts paying off his installments for the bad credit unsecured loan, the credit record automatically starts getting improved and ultimately after whole the money gets paid off, one will find a lot of improvement in his credit record.

Bad credit unsecured loan is generally available for shorter terms than the secured loan and less money is also advanced in this loan. This is advanced for terms ranging from 6 months to 10 years while the loans amount from £ 1000 to £ 25000.

However, bad credit unsecured loan charges faintly higher rate of interest than the secured loans because it is advanced without any collateral or without taking your credit record into account. Still, the rate of interest in bad credit unsecured loan is not so much high as it sounds, because of the competition in the loan market. The severe competition in the market of bad credit unsecured loan is much because of the online service which has got all the lenders flocking across the web taking off the voyage of bad credit unsecured loan with cheaper rates.

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