Getting a $10,000 Car Loan With Bad Credit: Some Factors to Consider

Buying a new car can be very difficult when your credit rating is low. But it is a relief to know that it is possible to secure even a $10,000 car loan with bad credit.

The fact is that lenders are willing to part with their money as long as applicants shows they are capable of making the necessary repayments. Of course, getting a large car loan is never guaranteed, but the applicant will have the best possible chance.

The challenge is to make sure that the application is convincing, and it is good to know that there are a number of things that can be done to make car loan approval, despite bad credit, more likely.

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Know Your Credit Status

There is a big advantage in knowing your own credit status when applying for any kind of loan, but for a $10,000 car loan with bad credit, it is practically essential. This is because lenders will always have a reason for turning an application down, and if that reason can be spotted in advance then the applicant can take a little time to set things right first.

How to check your credit score is simple. All that needs to be done is to order your own credit report and see where the cracks in your armor lie. There is usually a small fee to pay, but when preparing to apply for large car loans, this is a worthwhile investment.

As long as all of the basic criteria are in order, the list of problems with the status is quite small. But the credit score can be improved, through either getting the scores reviewed or taking out some loans and repaying them off quickly. A series of three or four small payday loans are a perfect example. With the score improved, car loan approval despite bad credit becomes more likely.

Terms to Look Out For

The specific terms of any car loan will vary according to the lender, but there are some basic concepts that should be expected. For a start, getting a $10,000 car loan with bad credit is not going to be achieved by insisting on the lowest interest rate and best possible terms. The fact is the lower the credit score, the higher the rate of interest, and therefore the more expensive it will be.

With large car loans, the number of monthly repayments is important since the principal sum will be divided up accordingly. Logically then, the longer the term of the loan the lower the monthly repayments. So, a $10,000 loan repaid over 36 months might mean monthly payments of around $350, including interest. The same loan over 60 months, however, may cost $250 per month.

The interest rate is important in this, of course, which is why having the lowest possible credit score helps. It is often worth waiting a year to get car loan approval, despite bad credit, on the required sum than moving immediately and qualifying for too little.

How To Qualify

Just like any loan, getting a $10,000 car loan with bad credit is very much dependent on meeting some basic criteria first. Lenders will not even consider an applicant if they cannot prove they are over 18 years old, have a regular income and (often) are a citizen of the US. Online lenders also insist that applicants have a live bank account, and provide information so as to deposit the loan (if approved) and set up direct automatic repayments.

It is the same for large car loans, though many lenders have strict loan limits influenced by credit ratings. Qualifying for and then getting car loan approval despite bad credit is not difficult, if these points are carefully taken in.

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